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Moving Out

I certainly appreciate’s free blogging platform, but if there’s one thing I appreciate even more, it’s having absolute control over my websites.  With that in mind, I’m moving the blog to a custom server and (eventually) creating a more custom theme for it.  Please proceed to



The cards used in my guides have always had headers color-coded by type so you can tell at a glance whether you’re looking at a weapon, armor, or whatever, but this doesn’t always work so well. A common example is trying to differentiate between areas and maps, or between a spell and the item that gives you that spell. To rectify that, I’ve added an icon font to the cards that should remove any ambiguity. Not every card type has an icon (yet!) but all of the major ones do, which should help make it clear whether the monster card you’re looking at is for a monster or for Gau’s rage for that monster, for example.

My intention was to have a one-to-one correlation between card types and icons, but that turned out to be impractical. FFVI has way too many ability types, and FFII’s shields are statistically treated as weapons, for instance. Having a sword icon on a shield would have been a bit too ridiculous, so the icons are a bit more granular than that. But I’m not intending to match them up with in-game icons or create a new icon for every weapon type in FF7 or anything. If it’s a weapon, it gets a sword, end of story.

I hope these are helpful, and they’re likely to change somewhat in the coming weeks. Though I’m probably going to keep the Dragon Quest slime even for non-Dragon Quest monsters. I mean, how could I not?

Making Progress!

After many years of ignoring todos on the subject, I’ve finally gone back and finished the FFVIII Junction Workshop. Things like ST-Def-J are now counted as redundant if you have ST-Def-Jx2 or ST-Def-Jx4, and GFHP+X% abilities are redundant if the GF’s HP at level 99 would be 9999 without them.  In addition, the page is now mobile friendly…ish.  It’s certainly usable, but by its nature it’s not a great experience if you can only see a small amount of information at a time.  Nonetheless, that was the last mobile unfriendly page on the site that I was aware of, so that’s something!

I’ve also added a “new guide coming soon” widget to the home page, mostly to keep myself honest.  Which means it is official, I am indeed working on the Final Fantasy VII guide.  It doesn’t look like it will be at all applicable to the remake, but it’s a classic game and purists like me will still play the original forever anyway.  Because who needs progress?!  Oh wait, that’s the title of this post… never mind.

Lots and Lots of Changes

Since I quit FFXIV, I’ve had a lot more time to play RPGs and work on the site.  And as you’ve probably noticed, the site has undergone some significant changes recently.  The most obvious is a new, dark color scheme (and a move away from the previous, Windows 8-inspired design), but the most important is that the entire site* should now be mobile friendly!  That’s been a long time coming, and I hope it will vastly improve the site experience on all devices.  Part of making the site mobile-friendly was making it generally run faster, so everyone should benefit.

(*except the FF8 junction workshop. I’m open to ideas there!)

There are a lot of big Final Fantasy games coming out: the Final Fantasy VII and XII re-makes, as well as FFXV, and my goal is to create guides for the originals before the remakes come out, starting with FFVII. These are games I haven’t played in a while so it should be fun to revisit them, particularly FFXII.

I also hope to be a bit more communicative about the site going forward, and to that end I have created a Facebook page that this blog will post content to, along with the new (old!) Twitter account.  So let me know what you think, as long as it’s all positive!

FFXIV Guide is Now Archived

After several requests, I have decided to put the old FFXIV guide back up for those who still want to use it.  It will not be updated and is a wholly separate instance of the site without several features (such as users and checkboxes), but the data is all there, as I left it.  Please don’t expect any updates or anything, but enjoy the restored guide.

The guide uses the same URLs but at a new domain:  Links to the old site should redirect you to the archive.  Similarly, Google searches should likely still work.  Let me know if there are any major bugs in how the site works.

Finally, I want to apologize for so hastily removing it.  I’m glad you guys care enough to speak up about it!

Releasing FFXIV Data

So, retiring the FFXIV guide has proven to be an unpopular decision.  I am honestly kind of surprised by this, but it’s certainly nice to see that there are other people out there who cared about something besides endgame.  So I thought I would toss those who still want to use the guide an olive branch, and provide the data used to actually generate it.

This data takes the form an Excel file, and has everything that was on the guide and a few things that never quite made it.  It’s obviously not as nicely cross-referenced as the site, but it’s fairly complete.  (Well to be totally transparent, it’s complete for pre-Heavensward. Most of the items and recipes were updated for 3.0 and maybe 3.1, and a few random tidbits like quests have been updated for some of 3.2.)

If some enterprising soul wants to use this data for their own site, they have my blessing.    For my part, I’m going to publicly promise not to try to make a guide for an MMO again, and hopefully if/when I stupidly go back on that decision some day, someone will link me this post and slap me.

Get the FFXIV guide data (3M)

EDIT: I also put up a publicly editable Google doc, in case anyone actually wants to keep this up-to-date or make it more human readable.

Judge Others a Little Less, and Yourself a Little More

I find the amount of negativity from people, especially online, very wearing.  Sometimes it seems like the only thing anyone agrees on these days is how much they hate some other person or group.  The incident that really brought this into sharp relief for me was of an offline nature, though.

A few years ago, my car got towed.  It was entirely my own fault – to save money, I parked at a garage a few blocks away rather than paying for a dedicated spot in my building, but I would sometimes park in the reserved spots behind the building for a few minutes to drop off groceries before re-parking.  One time, I got a phone call while putting stuff in the fridge, and forgot to move my car.  I left it there a whole week (I was walking to work at the time), and it got towed.

The feeling I got when I realized that my car was neither in the garage or behind the building was absolutely awful.  I had no idea where my car was, or how much it was going to cost me to get it back.  It was a simple mistake and the consequences seemed drastically out of proportion.  I wanted to lash out at someone.

Instead, I called the number of the tow place, and they confirmed they had  my car.  I walked two miles in the sweltering summer heat, waited 45 minutes for the guy to show up, and then asked him what I had to do to get my car back.  I filled out some paperwork, forked over a few hundred bucks, and in the middle of it all he said something that has stuck with me ever since.

“You know, you’re really being good about this,” he said.

Well yeah, I explained, it was entirely my own fault for being an idiot and leaving my car illegally parked for a week.  It wasn’t his fault.

“Most people don’t see it that way,” he said, a bit sadly.

At that point I realized just how awful a job this guy has.  Someone’s got to tow illegally parked cars, wrecks, and what have you.  Very few people are ever happy to have to talk to the guy who towed their car.  I’m sure they heap mountains of abuse on these guys, because they’re mad, and this guy is now asking for a whole lot of money for them to get their car back.  (Which I’m sure, in their eyes, was unfairly towed in the first place.)  This particular guy seemed almost resigned when I met him, and looked at me like I was some kind of weirdo, apparently for not blowing up at him.

So please, people.  Don’t take out your anger on people who don’t deserve it.  Don’t assume every person who wrongs you in some small way did so maliciously, and don’t overreact to mistakes people make.  Every time you get cut off, remember that time you cut someone off but you had a perfectly good excuse (“he was in my blind spot!”).  They probably do, too.  And if they don’t, getting mad at them isn’t going to change anything anyway.