About Gamer Corner Guides

The Gamer Corner Guides site runs on LAMP architecture and makes use of the jQuery Javascript library and Smarty PHP templates.  All game data has been collected through personal experimentation, in-game data, and independently verified sources.  It’s not my data, so feel free to use it as you want.

    • Anonymous
    • December 15th, 2013

    Just about finished with Ultima III — your guide has been really useful.

    One discrepancy between your guide and the actual Ambrosia game text is the dialog, “Dawn’ comes each new pair!”. That might be a cut and paste error from Dawn.

    Any plans for an Ultima IV guide?

    • Oh as for the Ambrosia thing, are you talking about the Balron’s text? I didn’t actually double-check, but I think that’s actually a real thing. If you transact with that Balron while it’s attacking, that’s what it will say. It probably is a copy and paste error, but one made by Richard Garriott. Or maybe I’m crazy! I dunno.

        • Anonymous
        • December 17th, 2013

        Yep, I was referring to Balron’s text. I talked to every monster in Ambrosia on the Amiga version and none had that reply.

  1. I’ve been planning an Ultima IV guide forever, but I wasn’t sure if anyone out there actually wanted it. But one person is enough, lol. It probably won’t be too soon though. 😦

      • Anonymous
      • December 17th, 2013

      If you do come up with the Ultima IV guide, I can help verify it. 🙂

      I have a few other games that I can complete first in the event that you’ll get to it before me.

  2. Will there ever be a Final Fantasy V (and VI) guide? Please say yes! 🙂

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