The cards used in my guides have always had headers color-coded by type so you can tell at a glance whether you’re looking at a weapon, armor, or whatever, but this doesn’t always work so well. A common example is trying to differentiate between areas and maps, or between a spell and the item that gives you that spell. To rectify that, I’ve added an icon font to the cards that should remove any ambiguity. Not every card type has an icon (yet!) but all of the major ones do, which should help make it clear whether the monster card you’re looking at is for a monster or for Gau’s rage for that monster, for example.

My intention was to have a one-to-one correlation between card types and icons, but that turned out to be impractical. FFVI has way too many ability types, and FFII’s shields are statistically treated as weapons, for instance. Having a sword icon on a shield would have been a bit too ridiculous, so the icons are a bit more granular than that. But I’m not intending to match them up with in-game icons or create a new icon for every weapon type in FF7 or anything. If it’s a weapon, it gets a sword, end of story.

I hope these are helpful, and they’re likely to change somewhat in the coming weeks. Though I’m probably going to keep the Dragon Quest slime even for non-Dragon Quest monsters. I mean, how could I not?

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